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Waterbury, Vermont Mold Remediation

January 10, 2022

After being called to this Waterbury, Vermont home, we found through testing that there were high mold counts in the air. But none of the typical causes for mold, like obvious water leaks or pipe breaks were apparent. It turns out that a leaky door was the culprit! As you can see in the picture, we found mold under wood floor throughout living room. The basement was also affected. The wood was replaced throughout, the mold was removed and affected surfaces were cleaned. It just proves that if a homeowner smells mold or sees signs of mold, it’s worth investigating. The sooner problems like this can be caught, the less damage it causes to the home, and the less danger to its occupants. We offer in home testing to determine if there is a presence of mold in the air or on building surfaces.

Does Clean and Restore Use Harsh Chemicals For Mold Remediation and Removal?

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