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Vermont Elementary School Mold Remediation

March 24, 2022

Notice the windows in the image below? They are located in an unused room and began to leak undetected. This created high humidity and mold throughout the building. We were able to dry out the structure, replace damaged building materials, and thoroughly remove all mold and mold spores.

Vermont School Mold Remediation Before

The Importance of Mold Post Testing

Mold is so dangerous, especially to young ones as their respiratory system is not fully developed. This can create serious health issues. So beyond cleaning and removing the mold we use certified tests to verify that the mold issue is indeed resolved. Don’t guess, get it right, and post test.

Vermont School Mold Remediation During

As you can see on our about page, we're parents, so it was a special honor and pleasure to serve the community and this local school system by performing mold remediation by restoring a safe place for our children to learn.

Vermont School Mold Remediation After

Do I need to have testing done after mold remediation and removal?

Many of our customers ask that question, and the answer tells you a lot about the cleaning company you are working with. Clean and Restore Vermont always has an independent test done after mold remediation and removal.

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