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Vermont Hospital Mold Remediation

July 15, 2022

We were called to a local hospital in Vermont with reports of water leakage and mold. Ground water had come in and created high humidity over extended period of time. This in turn created rot and mold.

Before mold remediation in a crawlspace in a Vermont hospital

We replaced the rotting building materials including wooden studs and sill plates. We also cleaned the space according to IICRC S500 standards for mold remediation and mold removal.

During mold remediation in a crawlspace in a Vermont hospital

As always, we had it post tested for the presence of mold by a 3rd party industrial hygienist. We passed the the test and received clearance without any issues. If you're wondering if post testing is really needed, the answer is found here.

After mold remediation by Clean and Restore in a crawlspace in a Vermont hospital

We're happy to be able to provide a clean and safe medical environment for a local hospital, but we're glad not to have to crawl back in that space again!

After mold remediation and removal, do I need to have my facility post tested?

Many of our customers ask that question, and the answer tells you a lot about the cleaning company you are working with. Clean and Restore Vermont always has an independent test done after mold remediation and removal.

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