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The value of

an Asbestos Removal Company

Asbestos abatement is the process of identifying asbestos is a building structure and controlling the release of asbestos fibers from asbestos-containing materials. This often involves safely removing asbestos-containing materials. 

Hiring an asbestos abatement company, and not doing it yourself, is the wisest and safest decision when it comes to removing asbestos from any residential, commercial or public building. An asbestos abatement company like Clean and Restore, will properly test for the toxic material, follow strict regulations and processes, and use the right abatement removal equipment to keep you and your family safe from exposure. 

What to do when FIRE, SOOT or SMOKE damages your home


Safety First

  • If there was a fire, follow the instructions of the fire marshal. Be sure all family members, especially children, are in a safe area.
  • Stay out of areas where the structure has been damaged. There are many safety hazards that need to be addressed.


Soot and smoke damage

  • Don't touch walls, as fingerprints cannot be cleaned.
  • Don't try to clean walls with household detergents. The soot and smoke will only smear.
  • If practical, clean countertops with dishwashing detergent. Wash dishes that are contaminated.
  • In heavy soot and smoke situations, remove clothes from steel hangers and put in boxes for storage or to be cleaned. Do not put clothes in plastic bags if there is a strong odor. 
  • Wipe chrome and marble items with dishwashing detergent. Coat expensive brass, chrome and silverware with petroleum jelly. (This will protect these items from the acid in the smoke.)


Call a Professional for help

  • Soot and smoke is a unique challenge to clean up. The odor and residue make it necessary to use specific cleaning agents to restore them completely.
  • In addition, soot can penetrate every inch of a structure. We know how to find it, and remove it.

Our Process

Asbestos abatement & REmoval

What should you expect when you call Clean and Restore to handle asbestos removal?

Step One

Survey the site to determine the extent to which asbestos is present in building materials, and determine the scope of needed removal and replacement.

Step Two

Communicate with you, the building owner, our strategy for recovery of hazardous materials for your property.

Step Three

If applicable, work with you and your insurance company to communicate the damage and coverage needed.

Step Four

Develop and implement a plan to contain any airborne particles that may be caused by the removal process. 

Step Five

Remove hazardous, asbestos containing building materials. Clean affected areas and contents and leave the building safe, and like it never happened.

The Health Risks of Asbestos

Why is asbestos so dangerous? When asbestos fibers are inhaled or even swallowed, they can become trapped in the body’s respiratory or digestive tract. Many of those fibers become stay in the body permanently.
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