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A leak or flood can result in complex damages because of the unique behavior of water. Water can penetrate within cavities of the structure, causing hidden damage and mold growth. Our knowledge of building systems helps us investigate how far water damage may have spread, and our years of experience with restoration techniques helps us remove moisture and mold, preventing further damage.

But our strength at Clean and Restore lies not just in our experience and skills, but in our communication with you, the homeowner. We will walk you through the restoration process from beginning to end, and work with your insurance company to be sure your property is as good or better than before the incident.

We will work with your insurance company through the entire restoration process, communicating with you to be sure you're in the loop every step of the way.

We work with your insurance company through the entire restoration process, communicating with you to be sure you're in the loop every step of the way.

Learn About Our Process
Leak Flood Water Damage Restoration in Vermont

Will my home ever be the same?

How Does Water Damage Restoration Work?

Water damage restoration is the process of drying out and restoring a building that has experienced a broken pipe or water leak, ground water flood, ice dam, sewage backup, large spill, or any other source of water. It involves finding the source of the leak or flood, and stopping it. It also involves protecting belongings and furniture from damage by moving them, or placing them on foam blocks or plastic tabs. An important part of water damage restoration is thoroughly drying out the building structure and carpets or wood flooring to minimize damage, and prevent mold growth.

Clean and Restore uses powerful, industry standard water extraction equipment, along with industrial dehumidifiers and air movers to accelerate the dryout process. And we have the training to know how to use them properly. Water leaks and floods often do structural damage to sheetrock ceilings and walls, and water sensitive flooring products. Insulation may need to be removed in the process of water restoration dryout. These building materials need to be repaired or replaced so that the home or business looks as good, or better than it did before the flood or leak occured. That's the Clean and Restore Restoration promise!!

One of the most stressful parts of a water leak or flood is worrying that enough is being done to truly restore the building to its former state. "Will my home ever be the same?" many homeowners think, after a major water leak. Others wonder if the restoration company is looking for an excuse to do more than is necessary. Still others worry that even though the building looks good after the repairs, it will always have musty odors or mold growth problems.

Water Damage Restoration Ceiling Pipe Leak Vermont

We can assure you that our over 20 years in the restoration industry, as well as our extensive training and certification gives us the knowledge we need to do exactly what's needed to restore your home from a water leak or flood, no more, no less. We work for you, not an insurance company, so we promise to provide good communication throughout the process of the water restoration. And if the leak is small enough for you to handle, we're happy to tell you that. We have many times provided information to empower customers to care for their own small leaks and losses. Check out our testimonials and Google reviews, and see how we have made so many Vermont residents happy with out water damage restoration services.

What to do when a LEAK or FLOOD damages your home


Safety First

  • Wet floors can be slippery. Watch your step!
  • Wet ceilings can fall. Watch out for sagging or dangerous ceilings.
  • Standing water can cause dangers from electric shock. Use extreme caution. When in doubt, stay out!
  • Don't use household vacuums to remove water.
  • Keep children out of damaged areas. Remember young ones will be curious, so keep an eye on them.


Find the source of water

  • Shut off the water supply if there is a water line break. Usually the main shut off valve is best.
  • If there is a broken or frozen pipe, call a plumber. Have the plumber save all repaired parts to show the adjuster.
  • If your floor drain is plugged, make sure there are no obstructions in the floor drain pipe and check the outlet for good flow. If the pipe is plugged, call a qualified individual to unplug it.
  • If your roof is leaking check for fallen trees, blown off shingles, or other obvious causes. Have a qualified individual tarp the affected area until repairs can be made.


Preserve and protect

  • Place foil or plastic under furniture legs. Move compressed wood furniture out of wet areas as soon as possible.
  • Move as many light items out of the damaged area as possible.
  • Remove contents from floor areas in closets.
  • Place draperies through coat hangers and hang them from curtain rods to prevent water damage.

Our Process

Water Damage Restoration

What should you expect when you call Clean and Restore to handle a leak, a flood, or other water damage?

Step One
Survey the loss site to determine the extent to which moisture impacted building materials and contents, and determine the scope of needed cleaning, restoration, and repairs.
Step Two
Communicate with you, the homeowner, what has happened and how the issues will be handled.
Step Three
Work with you and your insurance company to communicate the damage and coverage needed.
Step Four
Act to preserve contents and building materials that can be damaged by moisture.
Step Five
Remove and replace building materials that cannot be cleaned. Thoroughly clean any affected areas and contents and leave the home like it never happened.
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