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How Did We Get Into Mold Remediation and Removal?

Many customers wonder how we at Clean and Restore got into mold remediation and removal. Here's the story of why mold remediation is very personal to us, and why it's so fulfilling to see people's lives changed for the better, when we remove mold from their homes and businesses.

Does Clean and Restore Use Harsh Chemicals For Mold Removal and Remediation?

Clean and Restore Vermont uses all natural products for mold remediation. Why is this so important? Pets and children can easily come in contact with surfaces that have been treated for mold, and it's important that this does not present a danger to them. Any firm that uses toxic chemicals like bleach to treat mold should be avoided.

Do I need to have testing done after mold remediation and removal?

Clean and Restore Vermont always has an independent test done after mold remediation and removal. Why is this so important? Dead mold causes the same health problems that live mold does. Mold MUST be removed by proper cleaning techniques, not just killed. Any firm that does self tests or claims testing is not needed should be avoided.

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