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They are responsible, reliable, thorough and honest... I recommend them very highly.

Lynne von Trapp

Trapp Family Lodge
You showed up and guided us through this terrible mess and in a week, our soot covered, damaged house was like a new home again! The work you do is amazing!


Stowe Vt.
They did a lot of work for us and have done a great job over and over. Even in the most difficult situations I think they do a wonderful job.

Paul Reed

Sundown Corporation

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Mold 101: Part 2

Why is Mold Testing Important?

Mold testing is crucial for detecting hidden mold in buildings. Mold can thrive unseen behind walls, under floors, or in ceilings, often escaping the naked eye. Testing is essential to pinpoint concealed mold growth and implement necessary remediation actions promptly.


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Mold 101: How important is a vapor barrier when it comes to stopping mold?

A vapor barrier is crucial in preventing mold growth by impeding the passage of moisture through walls and ceilings. Mold requires moisture to thrive, and a vapor barrier acts as a protective layer, preventing water vapor from infiltrating building materials. When warm air meets a cool surface, condensation occurs, creating an ideal environment for mold. A vapor barrier, typically a plastic or foil sheet, hinders this moisture transfer, reducing the risk of mold formation.

In regions with high humidity or temperature differentials, a vapor barrier becomes even more vital. Without it, moisture can accumulate within walls, fostering mold growth and compromising structural integrity. Proper installation of a vapor barrier during construction or renovation is a proactive measure to mitigate potential mold-related issues, ensuring a healthier indoor environment. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to address any breaches in the barrier, as even small gaps can lead to moisture infiltration and mold problems over time.


Please visit our Facebook page to learn more about what we do best at https://www.facebook.com/people/Clean-and-Restore/100078325624601/

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Six reasons Clean and Restore is the best choice for your restoration needs.
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Our family-owned and operated business has built a fine reputation. When it comes to franchise operations, anyone can buy a name, but we’ve built one. 


We’ve been in the cleaning business for over 20 years. We’ve come to appreciate the importance of satisfying our clients and how to meet their needs and priorities.


We make use of environmentally friendly, green cleaning solutions, which benefit both your health and our earth.


Clean and Restore is certified with IIRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Certification, the world’s most recognized body of certification for carpets, water and fire restoration.


Our cleaning systems are the most advanced on the market today. We utilize leading industry software to estimate the time and effort required to meet our project estimates.


We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to make it right.

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